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Sondra Schalk MA, German Instructor, Hollywood, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Ft. Myers, FL | Phone: 954.240.1395 | Fax: 954.926.5767 | Email:

Time is on your side when you widen your horizon
Time is on your side when you widen your horizon by learning a new language
by learning a new language

As a German language instructor, translator and interpreter, I always state that teaching and learning can make a huge difference in your live. The creation of effective knowledge about language, literature and culture, politics and history for private individuals and businesses as well is not only an exciting career it is a mission that completes and fulfills you. By learning German you can open the gate to communication and reach across cultural differences or enroll in extended fruitful business expansions by opening new market-sources by breaking through the language barrier of a potential foreign client and opening your business for the international market. I pride myself on providing clients with high-quality custom tailored class packages and personal service. I teach classes in Hollywood, Ft. Lauderdale, North Miami, Ft. Myers, Naples and West Palm Beach.
I teach children as well as adults. I have been teaching for "Talk International", "The Global Institute of Languages and Culture", "The German School of Fort Lauderdale"..just to name a few. Providing good, valuable and interesting and entertaining lessons also means taking the time to listen. I will work with you every step of the way to make sure you receive the individual language services you need. My business is client-oriented, and I teach classes of four as well as one on one classes. I hope you'll find useful information on this site about teaching, rates, learning material and classes and services I provide. I look forward to hearing from you. Should you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact me via telephone or email.

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Englischunterricht / English lessons

Pictures of Germany

Class Hours:
Mo - Fri: 9 a.m.-7 p.m.
Sat and Sun:  9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Schloß Schwanstein

1 or 2 hours blocks available
  • individuals and groups

Contact me for a free initial consultation to discuss your individually adjusted schedule and plan:
954 240-1395 or 954 926-5767

By individually planning your very own German classes, you will have the advantage of:

  • Start lessons at your individually evaluated level, so you do not loose valuable time 
  • Input your very own interests and goals for creating German lessons that fit your needs exactly 
  • Exclusive evaluation of learning material as well as having the opportunity to use your own material additionally
To get an evaluation test emailed to you at no cost to test your knowledge in the privacy of your own home, type your name and email address into the form under "contact me"and then click the Go button:

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Sondra Schalk * Ft. Lauderdale * Miami * Hollywood * Naples * Ft. Myers *FL * 33020 * Phone & Fax: 954 240-1395 * Email:,

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