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Sondra Schalk MA, German-English and English-German Translator and Interpreter | Hollywood, FL 33020-3119 | Phone and Fax: 954.240.1395 |  Email:  info@GermanEnglishTranslationCentral.com or germantransengl@aol.com

Professional, affordable translation.

Please see my listing at the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany


Time is on your side when you widen your horizon
...widen your horizon
by hiring a professional German translator & interpreter

Translating and interpreting involves much more than simply replacing a word with its equivalent in another language.  It means that sentences, phrases and ideas must be manipulated to flow with the same coherence as those in the source document so that the translation reads as though originated in the target language.  An experienced and skillful German translator must thoroughly understand the subject matter of any text he/she translates, as well as the cultures associated with the source and target language.  Having been in the German translation field for almost 20 years now, gives me the edge over many other translation firms, who only act as agents or coordinators and not as translators.  Language is my passion and joy, and my working language pairs are German to English and English to German).  I never charge for Express translations, so if you need a professional, affordable document translation with a quick turn-around, just ask for a free German translation quote and pay no extra charge for express translation.  I provide accurate translations for corporations, language institutes and private individuals on assignment and under contract for various companies such as "Arena Synchron-Berlin" and "Video & Sound Studios GmbH", "Schindler elevator GmbH" in Berlin, Germany.  Since 1996, I am based in the USA, where I have been continuing to work as a German translator, interpreter and linguist, Court interpreter under contract with the "U.S. District Court of Florida" (Middle District of Florida) and linguist and instructor/educator for various language institutes such as "Talk International", "Inlingua" and "The Global Institute of Languages and Culture".  I obtained my Masters degree at the Elite University "Freie Universität Berlin" (John F. Kennedy Institute) in Berlin, Germany, with the main emphasis on literature, culture, language and linguistics. Among other programs, I attended the "Intensive English Language Summer Session B" ("DAAD, Elite Academic Exchange Program") at the "University of California-L.A.".  I received my BA in Business at the "Ernst Knaack Institute" in Berlin, Germany.  I have Dual Citizenship - German-American Citizenship and am familiar with important factors a customer has to observe, when dealing with foreign countries, customs and languages.  As a German translator, interpreter and German language instructor, being a communicative bridge between people and businesses and creating effective knowledge about language, literature and culture, politics and history for private individuals and businesses, has been my passion and joy since over two decades now.  Hiring an effective knowledgable interpreter or getting an accurate professional translation can make a huge and powerful difference in your live.  It opens the gate to communication and overcomes cultural differences, or it might engage you in extended fruitful business expansions, by opening new market-sources, by breaking through the language barrier of a potential foreign client and thus, opening your business for the international market.  I pride myself on providing clients with high-quality custom tailored translations and interpretations in combination with dedicated personal service and quick turn-around.  I am a Native German Speaker but specialize in both language pairs - German-English and English-German.  I offer language service, which is flexible and responsive to your language needs and dedicated to your success.  Rates for my German to English and English to German language services, such as German translation, interpretation, transcription and much more, are reasonable and depend on length, degree of difficulty, level and location.  I find the profession of a German-English translator, interpreter and teacher personally rewarding, as you can act as a communicative bridge between people.  I am always fascinated by the fact, that I can connect people from different nationalities and cultures by translating or interpreting.
Providing accurate and valuable German-English-German translations also means to take the time to listen, extensive research and to bring in experience.  I will work with you every step of the way to make sure, you receive the individual language services (translation or interpretation) you need.  My business is client-oriented, and I hope you'll find further useful information on this site about the services I provide.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Should you have any further questions, then please do not hesitate to contact me via telephone, fax or email.

Language training
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I am a member of the "American Translators Association"

Service * Quality * Trust
24/7 - Translations - affordable, certified, confidential
No express charge for translation!

Translation Services: German to English, English to German, medical translation, legal translation, document translation (certified), marketing, editing, proofreading, interpreting (Court, conference, private),  voice-over, subtitling, post-editing, transcription, language training, linguistics, script-translation
Express translations are welcome.


Immigration * Certificate and Document * Diploma * Medical Reports * Advertising and Marketing * Legal translation * Educational, general and private matters * Business contracts * Media * Website Translation * Document translation * Financial reports and records * Audio & Video text and transcripts * Movie Scripts * Literary translations * Art * Travel and tourism * DVD translation

I am a contract court interpreter of the U.S. District Court/Middle District of Florida

Service * Quality * Trust
No express charge for German interpretation services!

  • Consecutive simultaneous and escort Interpreting: 
  • Educational, general and personal interpretation
  • Depositions, legal interpretation
  • Conference calls and business meetings
  • Telephone interpretation (business and private)
  • On site translations
  • Real Estate Matters/contracts
  • School-board hearings/Student Evaluations
  • Driver's license test (I act as your official German interpreter)

Contact me for a free initial consultation to answer your individual questions regarding rates, services and availability:
Tel.: 954 240-1395

By individually contacting me for your free translation quote, you will have the advantage of:

  • receive personalized and accurate translations which are custom-tailored to your needs and specifications, so you do not loose valuable time 
  • input your very own interests and goals beyond technicalities for creating powerful yet precise translations 
  • exclusive and free price quote so that you do know the exact rate and total amount before you commit yourself to payment, which leaves you time to compare my rates with other language service providers
  • excellent, highly skilled, qualified and native speaking translator and interpreter service with qualification as the utmost importance
  • accuracy, timeliness, individual research and reading between the lines to find the best possible translation as well as reasonable rates are on top of my list
Simply call and fax or email your source documents, in order to receive a free and exact rate for your individual translation in the privacy of your own home. Please do not forget to type your name and email address, or fill out my contact form under "contact me" and then click the Submit button.

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