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Language changes over the course of time so teacher need to be flexible and up to date.  I teach private as well as group sessions and I offer language training for cross-cultural interests, professionals adjusting to a new area, general, academic, international or social purposes.  Adults and children are welcome to learn the vast and rich intensity of German culture, literature, music, history, politics and business.  As a new feature, I also do teach classes via skype.
Skype classes are only $33.00 per hour 

My teaching method was established to provide efficient, flexible and reasonable standards and expert solutions for businesses and individuals. My primary classes are focused on vast and various international aspects of German culture, literature, music, business and last but not least the daily German life and communication matters. I offer 1 to 2 hours blocks and daily classes individually assigned to the level, knowledge and interests of each student. Therefore I have different rates for different classes but the following general standard prices apply for all German Lessons (except for skype):

Student evaluation is
Call 954 240-1395 and get your level evaluation for free

Regular Class Rates and Hours:
  • Individual Classes one on one: $45.00 per hour
  • Group classes (up to 10 students) $21.00 per student per hour
  • Minimum 1 hour block once a week

Skype Class Rates and Hours:
  • Individual Classes from the privacy of your own home: $33.00 per hour (60 minutes)
  • Minimum 1 hour block once a week
Learn German and English via skype!

* Careful student assessment is done before assigning student groups to the same classes. Please note that rates are based on 1 hour per 60 minutes.

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