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Language changes over the course of time so a teacher needs to be flexible and up to date. I teach private as well as group sessions.
I offer language training for cross-cultural interests, professionals adjusting to a new area, general, academic, international or social purposes. Adults and children are welcome to learn the vast and rich intensity of American culture, literature, music, history, politics and business.

German and English language classes for adults and children

Personalized English language training:

  • I offer personalized one-on-one classes
  • I teach all levels (from beginners to intermediate and advanced) 
  • Children and adults
  • Goal setting
  • Monitoring of students progress
  • Flexible and responsive to your language needs
  • German classes via skype

Small Group classes (up to 4):

  • Small group classes (up to 4 people)
  • I teach all levels (from beginners to intermediate and advanced)
  • Children and adults
  • Goal setting
  • Monitoring of students progress
  • Flexible and responsive to your language needs

Minimum of 1 block per 6 hrs:

  • Assessement tests and initial consultation are always free
  • Book material can be suggested but usually has to be purchased additionally
  • Discounts are available after conversation and with a commitment of 12 hours
  • Individual lesson plans or crash courses are negotiable
  • I have a booking minimum of 6 hrs

Individual Skype classes:

A German language course via Skype - how does it work?

Installing and using Skype is very easy – no computer knowledge is necessary. To learn online, all you need is a computer with a sound card, a good internet connection and a headset (headphones and a microphone). You can download Skype for free from www.skype.com. This program already has millions of users worldwide taking advantage of the free telephone calls it offers. Just give it a try!

And then......:

  • Buy a good headset - it is important as a good quality microphone and headphones ensure that communication is clear, natural and problem-free.
  • Download Skype from the internet at www.skype.com – the software is free
  • Install the program
  • Choose your 'Skype name' - the name that you will use when using Skype. I recommend that you use both your first name and your surname.
  • Test that everything is working using the automatic Skype test call.
  • If you should have a problem installing Skype please feel free to call me.

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